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Investing in property can give great profit, security for capital, solid returns and an enduring pay, making land investment trusts (REITs) perfect for high net investors and SMSFs.

Town Planning

Town planning has gained significant importance as the urban population is increasing rapidly. Town planners ensure that the future is sustainable in the cities.

Design & Build

This process includes planning, designing and building of a project in the stipulated budget and time. It is a team effort of varied professionals for project success.


Property management involves buying properties and improving them and managing other significant issues. They at on behalf of the owner to preserve the value.

Real Estate

G9 Property Group tries to bring a new prospective to the real estate industry. We combine experience with creativity to deliver unique and budget friendly life style.

Property Agreement

This legal document plays a major role buying and selling of property and assets. It highlights what, when and how the property should be dealt while it changes hands.

Typical Return


Over Project Duration

Typical Duration


Month Investment Term

Expected Profit


From a $650k investment

Project Completion


Completed or ontrack

Recent Projects

Townhouses, Boronia

  • Size 3 Townhouses
  • Acquisition Cost $620,000
  • Development + Cost $790,000
  • Sales Price $2,100,000
  • Time Line 12 Months (2016)

New Townhouse, Ferntree Gully

  • Size 1 + 2 New Townhouse
  • Acquisition Cost $875,000
  • Development + Cost $675,000
  • Sales Price $2,200,000
  • Time Line 13 Months (2016 -17)

Townhouses, Ferntree Gully

  • Size 3 Townhouses
  • Acquisition Cost $745,000
  • Development + Cost $810,000
  • Sales Price $2,100,000
  • Time Line 14 Months (2019 - 20)

Apartments, Boronia

  • Size 10 Apartments
  • Acquisition Cost $800,000
  • Development + Cost $2,550,000
  • Sales Price $4,050,000
  • Time Line 16 Months (2015 - 17)

About Our Story

G9 Property was founded to provide investors interested in the property market innovative ways to achieve an exceptional ratio of risk vs return through property development.

Our concept of dividing residential and commercial projects into purchasable shares allows investors to join together to co-own and access large-scale property developments in areas that we have ear marked for growth.

The result is higher returns and lower risk through efficiencies in economies of scale.

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Sign our shareholder agreement and send it back to us via email or post.



Confirm the entity name you’ll use when purchasing the shares, provide your full name, mailing address and date of birth.



Transfer the cost of your shares to the nominated company bank account that will own the property.


Issue Receipt

We issue your purchase receipt and our accountant transfers the share/s to your nominated entity within three business days.



Welcome to G9 Group. You’re welcome pack is on its way as well as all tax related documentation for your new investment.

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