Why Invest With G9 Property Group?

Flexible Entry Cost

Rather than having to fund the entire cost of the property development on your own, you receive the benefits of co-ownership which allows you a flexible entry cost based on how many shares you choose to purchase.

Potential Higher Return

A potential higher return on your capital compared to doing a property development by yourself. Together we can purchase something larger and more lucrative than we could on our own. This can bring a greater ROI (return on investment) over the term of the project.

Portfolio Diversity

Opportunity to diversify your funds between multiple developments, instead of purchasing just one property (in one location) by yourself. By owning a smaller parcel of shares in each project you are able to take advantage of the growth potential in multiple suburbs at the same time!

Integrity & Expertise

Our integrity has been built off successful developments that were completed in projected timelines and within budget. With over 16+ years experience in real estate, our goal is to take the burden and stress out of your property investment experience. That’s just part of the expertise we bring!

Project Transparency

Will full access to all our projects through file sharing and monthly updates, you have the ability to track the progress and know exactly where each development is up to and how it is doing. You will have access to our development management team to discuss questions at every stage of the project.